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Important Update for Legal Practitioners

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are reaching out to inform you of recent significant changes in the agreed-upon procedures for legal practitioner firms applying for refunds of bank charges and audit fees. These updates are crucial for anyone in the legal field managing financial and audit processes.

What's New?
1. Stricter Deadlines: The application deadline for refunds is now more rigorously enforced. Timely preparation and submission are key.
2. Enhanced Audit Procedures: Expect more detailed checks and verifications during the audit process. This means a more thorough approach in preparing your applications.
3. Report Usage Limitation: The reports generated are intended solely for refund application evaluation and have restrictions on their distribution and usage.
4. Defined Auditor Roles: As auditors, our responsibilities are more clearly outlined, focusing on detailed and accurate procedure adherence without providing an opinion or assurance conclusion.

Implications for Legal Practitioners:
• Be prepared with your documentation well in advance.
•Ensure clear and ongoing communication with your auditor.
•Understand the importance of adhering to the revised process for a successful refund application.

We at CMA SA inc are committed to navigating these changes with you. Our aim is to ensure a smooth transition and successful application process for all our clients.

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