Risk Management Ethics

Risk & Ethics

At CMA SA Inc, we prioritize adherence to the IRBA Code of Conduct and are committed to ensuring the ongoing success of our clients and our firm. Recognizing our role as part public service, we take our broader societal responsibilities seriously.

To safeguard our independence, we have established a Conflict of Interest and Professional Independence Policy. This policy is in line with the standards of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) and complies with the IRBA Code of Conduct. It specifically addresses the appropriateness of various services for audit clients, including internal audit, due diligence among others.

This policy is integral to our operations and is disseminated to all employees. Ethics, being a crucial aspect of our work, is a key part of our ongoing professional training programs.

Aligning with these principles, our multi-disciplinary strategy encompasses audit, accounting, and advisory services. We commit to full compliance with new laws and meticulously evaluate each new assignment for any conflicts of interest or legal restrictions before proceeding.

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We challenge the old way of thinking and look for new ways to be bold and innovative. Our attitude towards our clients show that we have a real interest in our their financial welfare. We are open and honest with our clients as we seek the facts and provide insights.

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