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Innovation, transformation and leadership occur in many ways. At CMA, our ability to help solve clients' most complex issues is distinct. We deliver strategy and implementation, from a business and technology view, to help you lead in the markets where you compete.

Our advice will grow with your business to ensure you meet your goals and enable you to work on the success of your business. By making it our business to know and understand our clients, we are regarded as long-term trusted business advisors. We help organisations transition to a process-based approach for financial control compliance.

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We challenge the old way of thinking and look for new ways to be bold and innovative. Our attitude towards our clients show that we have a real interest in our clients' financial welfare. We are open and honest with our clients as we seek the facts and provide insights.

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Mergers & Aquisitions

From the beginning to the end of a merger or aquisition together with experts in Tax, Consulting, and Legal, we provide objective and focused strategic advice and analysis. Taking Goverment's continued emphasis towards transformation into account, our team of advisors delivers strategic solutions that include all aspects of Corporate Finance.